Our Story

The vision for Gentrified started with the creator, Tia Williams, after she saw her birthplace, Austin, rapidly change and become almost unrecognizable. Though economically vibrant, the city had begun to lose its flavor and leave those that helped it become colorful behind. Many residents didn’t share in its new abundance, and rising costs have led them to leave homes occupied for generations. (Homes on the east side of town, the area they were relegated to begin with). Tia began to wonder how she could utilize her craft to bring light to the issue and decided to put pen to paper.    

Why now? Because it’s a timely and necessary story. More importantly, it’s key that Black stories and narratives are told by Black people. The world seems open and ready for Black stories and Black content creators. So the true question is why not now?

The Gentrified story is happening in Austin, Brooklyn, Oakland and all around the country; many cities are having these same growing pains.

The local stats:

Austin, a liberal city, has one of the fastest growing U.S. populations; however the Black population decreases daily and is currently only at 7%.

Photo by John Langamore

Through Gentrified’s characters, audiences can experience the effects of gentrification through the eyes of affected residents. Co, the main character, has entered her biggest life change thus far. She is adjusting to the loss of a mother figure and aims to keep her legacy and memories alive. Like Co, each character personifies the ups, downs, and joys of growth in life.

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Gentrified is officially a Fiscally Sponsored Project of the Austin School of Film, AND our Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE!

What does this mean?

Indiegogo: We are now able to accept donations in exchange for awesome perks including:

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Candace Michelle, Tia Williams, Christa’ Allen, Chris Perkins, LaToya Blakely, Will Moleon, Faith Anderson

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